Basic problems of patients applying for cosmetic nose surgery

The most important problem in patients who apply for cosmetic nose surgery is, of course, deformation.
The most common among these is the bridged nose. Additionally, long nose, large nose, wide nose, wide nose tip, wide nose flaps, traumatic nose, crooked nose, irregular nose ridge, nose
with no proportion to the face, narrow nose, low nose tip, strained nose that causes an older and harder look, and many similar complaints are also encountered.
Most patients who apply with cosmetic problems also have functional issues. For example, most of them have accompanying breathing problems. Some of them also have problems such as
allergic rhinitis and sinusitis that cause headaches, nasal and postnasal dripping, etc.
In this situation, I think the functions have to be taken into consideration as much as the shape of the nose in a cosmetic nose surgery. The nose has to be as desired after the operation,
moreover, nasal congestion, headaches, allergic problems and sinusitis have to be also eliminated at the same time.
The indispensable part of cosmetic nose surgery philosophy is to create a nose that is both beautiful, and that can breathe properly, without any other health issues.


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