Bridged Nose

Most people who apply for cosmetic nose surgery request a correction for their bridged noses. Bridged noses are common in our country. The objective when correcting bridged male noses should be a straight nose ridge. While a straight nose ridge is suitable for ladies, a slight curve can also be provided upon request. By "curve," I mean a slight curve. More than a slight curve will not look pleasant on the nose.
Do you remove the bridge by filing or by shaving?
The bridge consists of two parts: cartilage and bone. The excess in the cartilage is removed by shaving. The excess in the bone may be removed by filing or by shaving.
I like both methods. If the bridge is large, I shave. I prefer filing for small bridges. Whatever the method used, the important part is being meticulous in application in order to obtain a straight nose ridge.
Will my bones be broken in surgery after removing the bridge?
We call breaking or cutting nose bones "osteotomy." Osteotomy is not required in all nose surgeries. However, it is required in all cosmetic surgeries where the bridge is removed. The purpose is to close the gap that is left behind after the bridge is removed. The osteotomy procedure can be
performed from within the nose, or from the cheeks. Bone cutting tools of various sizes can be used for this procedure. I prefer very small bone cutters of 2 mm. This causes less trauma. This results in less swelling and bruises after surgery.
Will the nose ridge be painful after the bridge is removed?
Whatever the size of the bridge, there will be no pain after it is removed. However, it is normal to have some sensitivity that usually fades rapidly.


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