Compressed Nose Problem

In contrast to the long nose we call "Pinocchio Nose," the condition in which the nose tip is very close to the face is called "compressed nose." A compressed nose tip imparts an angry expression to the face. The cause is insufficient nose tip cartilage.
• My nose looks compressed on my face. How do you solve this problem?
The cause of compressed nose is the weakness or deficiency of all of nose tip cartilages. Consider the nose tip like a building. If the building is 2 stories high, it will be elegant and functional.
But currently it has only 1 story. This story is not enough for us. So, what do we do? We build the second floor on top of the first one using concrete. We increase the height of the building. In
compressed nose situations we similarly add cartilage to the insufficient nose tip in order to increase its height. It is ideal to use cartilage from the bone itself to use as support. If there isn't enough cartilage inside the bone, we can use cartilage from the ear or the ribs.


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