Cosmetic Nose Surgery for Better Breathing

All living beings have three vital necessities:
Drinking water,
Just like improper nutrition, harmful drinks threaten our health, low-quality breathing also adversely affects our health. Quality breathing begins with the nose. The nose is the door where
the air we breathe enters the lungs. A normal, healthy adult intakes between 18,000 and 200,000 liters of air through the nose.
Your nose protects your lungs.
It filters the dust and particles in the air you breathe with 100% efficiency.
It moistens the air you breathe. Thus prevents the lungs from drying.
It warms the air before it reaches the lungs. It protects the lungs from cold air.
For these and other reasons, normal nose breathing is indispensable for life. If you can't easily breathe through your nose, you should find the cause and eliminate the problem as soon
as possible.
Cartilage and bone deviations are the most important reasons in nasal congestion. Accordingly, patients who apply to doctors with nasal congestion complaints are evaluated through this
perspective. In the past, the interior of the nose was examined, if there was no deviation, you would be told that this was the best breathing you could hope for, and the aesthetic look of
your nose was neglected. People used to believe that the aesthetic look had nothing to do with breathing. However, recent studies absolutely proved that it is wrong to differentiate
between the interior and exterior of the nose. We now know that the shape of the nose is directly related to nose functions. An ugly, unpleasant nose not only disrupts the looks, but also
disrupts breathing. Similarly, a poorly performed cosmetic nose surgery will also lead to a disruption of looks and breathing.
Cosmetic nose surgery problems may adversely affect your breathing. Even if there are no problems inside the nose. How?
Let me explain through some examples.
If the angle between the nose tip and the lip is inadequate, if the nose tip is low, the air intake will be hindered. If you have this problem, lift your nose slightly with your finger, you will feel that you are breathing better. Lifting your nose tip through cosmetic surgery will change your looks, and ensure you breathe better.
If there are grooves in your nose tip, if your nose tip looks pinched with a latch, the air will be prevented from advancing in the nose right at the entrance (called "nose external valve
insufficiency"). These grooves will give you an angry expression, and hinder your breathing. The problem can only be fixed through plastic surgery. Supporting weak and grooved
cartilages using cartilage from the interior of the nose will open your airways, and give you a beautiful nose.
If your nose is narrow overall, this will also be reflected inside the nose. The air will have difficulty passing through the narrow channel inside the nose. The widening grafts we will place in
the narrow parts will offer you A natural nose, and better breathing.
If the middle section inside the nose is straight, but it looks crooked, this may hinder your breathing. If the external crookedness is fixed, you will have a nose that both looks and breathes better.
If you can't breathe properly, although all examinations indicate that your nose is normal, the problem may be because of your nose's external shape. The cosmetic surgery will both
improve your looks, and your breathing.


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