Cosmetic nose surgery mistakes

Cosmetic nose surgeries may result in noses that are not compatible with the face, that is not natural, that is excessively lifted, or in short, noses that look operated upon in some patients.
We call such cases poorly performed cosmetic surgeries.
The most important reason of such consequences is cosmetic nose surgeries performed by non-surgeons. Patients who are psychologically affected by their peers undergo cosmetic nose
surgery by non-surgeons by saying "I have a bone deviation in my nose, I'll have it fixed." They don't achieve the results they expect after the surgery.
Another common mistake in cosmetic nose surgeries is the fact that a patient with breathing problems undergoes surgery to fix the breathing problem first, and then to undergo cosmetic
surgery. Patients who need both operations, should consider them together. Since the nose is a whole, performing the nasal congestion procedure and the cosmetic intervention together will
be much more appropriate.
One of the most common mistakes in cosmetic surgeries is causing patients who were breathing normally before surgery, to have breathing problems afterwards. The reason for this is the
disruption of the nasal valve mechanism at the nose entrance due to tissues removed from wrong areas. In this case, the nose flaps close when the patient is breathing and blocks the
entrance of air.
Similarly, the excessive removal of bones or cartilage may cause the nose to collapse or nose tip asymmetries, or crookedness. In conclusion, the experience of the surgeon who will
perform the operation, the correct evaluation of the patient, and an error-free operation all affect the outcome.


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