Hanging Low Nose Tip

A hanging nose tip is common among the Turkish people. The tip of the nose hangs towards the upper lip. The nose looks long on the face. The hanging look becomes more prominent when one laughs. The normal angle of the nose with the upper lip is 90-1000 degrees. In hanging noses this
angle is less than 90 degrees. A hanging nose makes one look older than he/she really is. Eliminating the problem will impart a younger look.
• My nose tip is originally low and hanging. But it seems hanging more as I get older. Is this really possible?
The effects of time and gravity cause hanging in all parts of the body. This is most prominent in the nose. As we age, our nose hangs. If you originally have a hanging nose, this will become more prominent.
• The tip of my nose is low. I want it lifted. When I push my nose tip up with my finger, my lip is also lifted. Will this remain the same after surgery?
There will be no changes whatsoever in your lips after surgery.
• I heard that the nose tip hangs low again after being lifted. Do you do anything to prevent this?
I take various measures to prevent the nose from hanging again after it is lifted to where it should be.
First of all, I stitch an additional support cartilage to the tip of the nose. This strengthens the tip.
If I think that this will not be enough, I stitch nose tip cartilages to the cartilage that constitutes the middle section of the nose. I use permanent stitches. These stitches carry the nose tip throughout life.
• I fear that the tip of my nose will be lifted excessively. I see excessively lifted, operated noses and this disturbs me. Why does that happen? Excessively lifted nose tips are actually a very common situation. This is usually caused by an excessive removal of the middle section of the nose. I
act very conservatively to avoid such situations. I don't remove much cartilage. I resolve this issue by using stitches.


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