How do you Choose the Nose that Suits you?

You must pay attention to certain details to determine the aesthetic nose shape that will suit you, that will be harmonious with your face.
The first point to consider in cosmetic nose surgery is the person's gender. The shape of nose for a woman will be different than the shape for a man.
To ensure the individual's satisfaction with the cosmetic nose surgery, the nose shape has to be decided upon based on the gender. Because male nose features are straight ridged, with a
lip angle of about 90 degrees. While determining the shape of women's noses, a curvy nose ridge is preferred. A slightly uplifted nose aesthetics and a lip angle of 95-100 degrees are
To ensure satisfaction with a cosmetic nose surgery, communication with the doctor has to be adequate before surgery, you have to clearly state the type of nose you want, and your doctor has to determine whether the nose you want is suitable to your face. Nowadays, computer systems and software allow you to see the potentially suitable nose shape by placing it on your
profile picture. These methods that allow displaying results that are similar to what you will get after surgery make it easier to decide on the nose shape you want.
The result of cosmetic nose surgery should be harmonious with your face, and natural. Your nose should be compatible with your cheekbones, brows and forehead after the cosmetic nose
surgery. Additionally, you shouldn't have problems breathing after surgery.


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