How do you Narrow a Very Wide Nose Base?

Your nose may seem very wide and large on your face when viewed from the front. This width may be caused by the bones, nose tip or nose base. In particular, large nose bases become more prominent through mimics. Wide upper bones impart the face a chubby look. The eyes seem set very wide apart.
How do you narrow a very wide nose base?
We remove 3-5 mm of tissue from the nose base and the nose entrance, as necessary. You can see the incision from the outside. We close the incision using special stitches that are removed 7 to 10 days later. After the stitches are removed, the incision area may be red for about a month.
Usually, no traces of the stitches are left. While sometimes an indistinct trace is left, it is negligible.
My nose is not very wide when viewed from the front. But it seems large, how can I be sure whether it is large for my face?
Draw an imaginary line from the innermost points of both your eyes towards your chin. In the ideal nose, the nose doesn't exceed these lines. If it does, your nose is large for your face.


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