How much importance should be placed on cosmetic nose surgery?

An aesthetically pleasing and natural nose is the most striking feature that highlights brows and eyes, that affects a person's self-esteem, and determines the person's expression.
The nose's importance is not only its shape. It carries out many vital functions such as breathing, smelling and filtering air.
The nose has a complex anatomy consisting of cartilage, bones, sinuses, subcutaneous fat, muscle, connective tissue, conchae and skin.
It is also a difficult organ since it has features that vary according to individual, in addition to its complex anatomy.
The surgery of an organ with such complex anatomy, maintaining the functions of which is vitally important, that is prominent in the middle of the face, and that is aesthetically very important
is a difficult operation for doctors and requires heavy training, patience, experience and skill.
It must be noted that the most common cause of a poor cosmetic nose surgery is the wrong choice of doctor. As this is a very important organ both in terms of aesthetics and functionality,
you should meet the doctor who will perform your surgery face to face, examine his/her previous operations, and only decide on the surgery if you fully trust your doctor.
While cosmetic nose surgery procedures are very difficult operations for doctors, they are painless, simple operations for experienced surgeons.


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