Long Nose Tip

Long Nose Tip: We call a nose that is long in the forward direction from the face,
or when the nose is longer than necessary in the forward direction from the face. This is a situation that disrupts the face's look, especially when viewed from the side. We also call this "Pinocchio Nose." Excessively showing nostrils usually also accompany long nose tips. This must not be
overlooked when correcting long nose tips. A small chin may also cause the nose to look longer than it is. This is also a very important consideration. If the chin is small, the nose will look long on the face regardless of the amount of reduction. In such cases, little interventions on the chin may
also be necessary.
• I realized that I have problems with my chin after I read your article. How do you pull my chin to the front?
- There are 3 methods to pull the chin forward.
1. Fat injection to the tip of the chin. It is a relatively simple method. We inject the fat we take from your belly to the tip of your chin. It is painless. It doesn't cause much swelling and bruising in the chin or belly. 70(%) of the fat we inject melts away. The remaining 30(%) is enough to enlarge the
2. Implanting prosthetics to the tip of the chin: We can place the prosthetics to the tip of the chin from the inside of the mouth, or below the chin. These prosthetics come in various sizes depending on the need. They are made of various materials such as silicone, mercylene, etc. They never
melt and remain the same throughout the life.
3. Pulling the chin bone forward by cutting. The tip of the chin is cut and pulled forward using wire screws. This is a painful method that is difficult for patients. It is permanent and doesn't change throughout life. We decide which one of these three methods is suitable for you by discussing their pros and cons.


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