Narrow Nose

A very thin and narrow nose on your face will cause an aesthetically unpleasant look and cause severe shortness of breath.
Nose narrowness may be in:
· the nose tip
· the middle of the nose
· the upper nose
· or in all three parts.
In narrow nose tips, the nose looks like pinched with a latch. This imparts an angry look to the face. In middle and upper part narrowness of the nose, the nose looks indistinct on the face, like a thin line.
What are the causes of nose tip narrowness? What is the method used to correct them?
Two cartilaginous tissues provide the shape of the nose tip. The weakness or deficiency of this cartilaginous tissue cause this problem. This problem in the cartilaginous tissue may be congenital, as well as previous surgeries.  Replacing the missing cartilages and strengthening weak ones will resolve the problem.
How do you resolve narrow nose middle sections?
It is necessary to place widening cartilages between the narrowed cartilages to resolve narrow nose middle sections. These cartilages are not visible from the outside and cannot be palpated.
What do you do for narrow nose upper sections?
The cause of narrow nose upper sections is the fact that bones are very close to each other. I mobilize the bones by cutting them. Then I place these bones to where they should be. Plaster is enough to prevent them from sliding to their previous locations.
Yes, I have a narrow nose, but will my nose be compatible with my face when this narrowness is eliminated?
When we resolve the narrowness of your nose, our measure is your face. A correction compatible with other structures on your face will be quite pleasant.


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