Nasal congestion

The nose is one of the most important organs for human health. Nose breathing is essential for healthy respiratory function and a healthy body. The nose is not just an organ that allows the entry and exit of air. In addition to breathing, the nose allows humidification and heating of air, smelling functions, and the ventilation of the middle ear. Prolonged nasal congestion will definitely cause other health problems. In summary, nasal congestion will not only disrupt the patient's quality of life, but failure to intervene in a timely manner will also disrupt the patient's health.
What are the complaints of patients with nasal congestion?
- Having to continuously breathe through the mouth; Repeated throat infections, chronic pharyngitis.
- Snoring and sleep disorders.
- Exacerbates lung and heart problems.
- Causes dry mouth in the morning.
- Causes sexual function disorders.
- Causes a predisposition towards psychological issues.
- Disrupts voice quality, causes nasal talking.
- May cause incontinence at night in children.
Evidently, nasal congestion severely disrupts the quality of life.
Causes of nasal congestion
Deviation in the septum.
Septum is the cartilaginous section in the middle of the nose that divides the nose into right and left nostrils. It acts like the pole of a tent. Deviations in this cartilaginous tissue will narrow the air ways in the nostrils and prevent breathing. Enlarged conchae.
Conchae are nasal tissues exist in all individuals, heat, humidify and clean the air we breathe. These tissues may excessively enlarge for various reasons, and narrow the nasal passages.
Narrowed nose ridge (valve narrowing)
This is a congenital problem. The nose looks like it's pinched with latches.
Enlarged adenoid 
This is the most common cause of childhood nasal congestion. It may adversely affect the development and growth of the child. It may also cause hearing problems.
Widespread intranasal polyps
This is a metabolic problem. These are transparent, water-filled tissues like grapes. These causes may individually or jointly cause nasal congestion.
Treatment of nasal congestion.
Septum correction (deviation surgery): This is a surgical operation that lasts about half an hour. It is an easy procedure. It doesn't require staying at the hospital. The patient may return to
routine daily life the day after.
Conchae reduction: Conchae are useful, and must not be completely removed, only reduced to a size that won't lose functionality. Recent advances in technology made this procedure much easier. We reduce the conchae by sending sound waves inside the conchae. (Radio frequency). This procedure can be carried out without pain, tampons and blood even in the doctor's office.
Nose ridge opening (valve surgery): This is possible through cosmetic nose surgery.
Adenoid removal: This is a short procedure carried out in the hospital under general anesthesia.
Nasal polyp treatment: We treat polyps both with medication, and endoscopic surgery.


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