The piezzo device, which has been severely popularized in the last three years in nose aesthetics, is a device used to cut and shape the nose bones. This device has become a very important position in nose surgery. Specifically, it cuts the nasal bones and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues, thus reducing swelling and bruising after surgery. But it would be wrong to say that there is absolutely no pain or bruise or pain. It is a device used in rhinoplasty surgeries with open technique but it can also be used in rhinoplasty surgeries with closed technique. This device is introduced by various surgeons with different names such as ultrasonic piezzo surgery, Italian nose aesthetics. But they are all different names of the same device. Piezzo ultrasonic cutter is frequently used in nose surgery but it should not be forgotten that the device is only an auxiliary equipment. The surgeon's knowledge and experience are always at the forefront. The fact that the appliance is used does not always mean that your nose will be perfect. I use this device to shape and correct the nose in daily surgical practice.


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