Nose bleeding

Nose bleeding is an undesirable condition that most of us have experienced. It usually stops in a short while, but sometimes my present in a prolonged, severe form. Instead of presenting information about nose bleeding, I'll try to provide some guidance about what can be done when the nose is bleeding, when to go to a doctor, and what to do to avoid it.
The first thing to do when our nose starts to bleed is to remain calm, and be aware that we can do something to resolve the issue. Because 99% of nose bleeding stops on its own, or can be stopped through simple interventions. Go to the sink the moment you realize that your nose is bleeding, or sit down somewhere, take a container in your hand, slightly bend your head
forward and squeeze both nostrils as shown in the image below. Remain in that position for 10 minutes. Don't check whether the bleeding stopped in this period.
If the bleeding stops after 10 minutes, don't clean your nose for one hour. If the bleeding is going on, place ice on your nose. The most convenient method for this is using an ice battery, or
putting ice in refrigerator bags. Continue applying the ice for half an hour, while continuing to squeeze with your other hand as shown in the image. If your nose is still bleeding, apply to the nearest healthcare institution or call 112 emergency services for help.


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