Open and Closed Cosmetic Nose Surgery Methods

Cosmetic nose surgery procedures can be performed using two methods: open and closed.
In the closed method, all incisions are made inside the nose. The surgeon carries out the procedure without seeing, working from the inside. In the open method, a 3-4 mm incision is made on the tip of the nose to open it. This allows reaching the nose structures, and the surgery is performed without leaving anything to chance. I perform my surgeries using the open method. Because the open method allows control over the whole nose.
Incision Made in Open Method Nose Aesthetics
I always give this example to my patients: Your car is broken. You go to the repair shop. The mechanic has to examine the engine to figure out the problem. Which one would be right? Opening the hood or not? Of course, opening the hood, directly seeing the problem and then performing the repairs would be better.
The nose is shaped by working on cartilages and bones. These cartilage structures are different in everyone, and should be individually analyzed, their problems identified and the proper
solution methods for these problems have to be applied. A cosmetic nose surgery is, in a sense, a game of chess that the doctor plays with the patient's nose anatomy. This is why the short
and long-term effects of the doctor's maneuvers in surgery have to be well calculated, the doctor should be patient and not hurry. This is a surgery that you will be very satisfied if performed
correctly, but also very difficult to correct if performed poorly. Damage to the carrying structures of the nose should be avoided when working on cartilages and bones.  Damaging these tissues, excessively removing bones and cartilages, crushing cartilages, cutting them, are the most important causes of severe deformations on the nose in short, medium and long terms. If
these are done, the nose will collapse, look like it's pinched, look excessively lifted, and even cause breathing problems. I shape the nose by using stitches, supports and additions instead of
crushing, excessively removing or cutting cartilages in order to avoid such complications. Actually, what I do is just a few brushstrokes over a beautiful painting.
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