Should cosmetic nose surgery be performed by an otorhinolaryngologist or a plastic surgeon?

If your nose complaint is only aesthetical, you can undergo surgery by a doctor of any specialty. This may be an otorhinolaryngologist, or a plastic surgeon, it doesn't matter. What matters is your trust to the surgeon.
However, if the problems in your nose are not only aesthetical, if you also have functional complaints with your nose, for example chronic sinusitis, crooked nasal bone, enlarged conchae, allergic rhinitis, etc., I'd recommend having an otorhinolaryngologist perform your surgery. This way you can both eliminate your functional problems, and have your nose shaped to your desire.
I would like to repeat that what matters is the patient's full trust to the doctor, rather than the specialty of the doctor performing the surgery. This is why I recommend to interview your surgeon, maybe multiple times, and to establish adequate trust. If you can't completely trust and let yourself to the hands of your doctor, I'd advise not to undergo the surgery. Remember that this is the right decision both for you, and your doctor.


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