Uplifted Nose

Here, we mean an excessively lifted nose, or a less attractive nose due to its 'shortness.'
• The tip of my nose is lifted; how do you correct this?
We correct unnaturally uplifted noses generally using cartilage from inside the nose, by creating a better nose structure.
• My nose is like a bulldog's (pressed back and lifted), can you repair it?
Yes, we can construct a more perfect nose structure using cartilage grafts and eliminate the bulldog appearance.
• My nose is a completely lifted nose, but I'm afraid it will be worse after surgery. How can you be sure that it won't?
In every rhinoplasty, our goal is to get the natural look, a non-operated look.
• The tip of my nose points upwards, and it seems pressed from the middle. Why does this happen and how do you correct it?
This is called 'saddle deformation' and it is usually observed in previously broken noses. Specialist Volkan Kahya will restructure the nose tip and eliminate the unnaturally lifted nose tip. Additionally, the middle section will be reconstructed.


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