What is the right time for cosmetic nose surgery?

We frequently receive questions such as "what is the right age for cosmetic nose surgery?" "which season is most suitable for this operation?" etc.
There is a lower age limit for cosmetic nose surgery but there is no upper limit.
These operations can be performed roughly at 16 years of age for girls, and 18 years of age for boys. These age limits were set in the past due to poorer nutrition habits, but they are not
absolute rules.
The age limit may vary depending on face and body development. If a boy has reached the adequate facial and bodily development stage, this operation can even be performed at 14 years
of age. The same applies to girls, too. Taking 16 or 18 years of age as absolute limits is not right. But the important consideration here is the completion of face and body development. It
would not be right to perform cosmetic nose surgery before facial development is completed.
There is no upper limit for cosmetic nose surgery. An individual can undergo the surgery at any age, provided that his/her health condition allows it.
About the most suitable season for the procedure...
Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed in any season. Summer, winter, spring, autumn, it doesn't matter. But since sunbathing is not appropriate after the operation, and heavy
sunglasses must not be used for a month, people who can't follow these rules may prefer winter months instead of summer. Medically, there is no difference between a cosmetic nose
surgery in summer or winter.


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