Which Surgeries can be Performed Along with Nose Surgery?

Only 20(%) of patients who apply for cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) apply only complaining from a nose deformation. The remaining 80(%), while being uncomfortable with the shape of their noses, also have complaints such as nose congestion, difficulty breathing, runny nose, postnasal drainage, snoring, morning fatigue, allergic nose complaints, and nose-induced headaches.
One of the most important objectives following cosmetic nose surgery is to have a natural, beautiful nose that conforms to the face. However, it is also important to eliminate other complaints, especially nose congestion.
If there is a nose cartilage or bone deviation, eliminating this problem during cosmetic surgery will eliminate nose congestion. Similarly, reducing the size of enlarged concha will significantly contribute to easy breathing through the nose.
The presence of adenoids, which significantly contributes to nasal congestion in children and adults may be eliminated during the cosmetic surgery and may greatly improve breathing.
If chronic sinusitis is identified in people who apply with complaints such as headaches, runny nose or postnasal dripping, cosmetic nose surgery and sinusitis surgery may be performed simultaneously.
Snoring is a commonly identified complaint in case of deformed nose. One of the most important causes of snoring is a problematic nose, and this problem can also be eliminated in the surgery.
We should note that the aim of cosmetic nose surgery is not only to beautify the shape of the nose, but to correct the functions of the nose, and to eliminate other problems that are identified simultaneously.


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