Who are good cosmetic nose surgery candidates?

Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed on men and women in all ages.
However, cosmetic nose surgery is not recommended before development is completed around 16-17 years of age. If you think that your nose is not properly proportioned, if your nose is
bridged, if your nose looks too large when viewed from the front, if your nose is crooked or if your nostrils are too wide and large, you are a good candidate for this operation.
The first step before cosmetic nose surgery is to meet with a plastic surgeon. Your doctor will examine your psychological and physical health, and inform you about the operation.
Additionally, you should inform your doctor about the treatments you had, the medication you use, any allergies that hinder your breathing, your frequency of nasal spray use, etc.
Your doctor will investigate your nasal bones, nose shape and size during physical evaluation. Moreover your doctor may recommend other treatments in addition to cosmetic nose
surgery in order to meet your expectations to the fullest.
Cosmetic nose surgery
First step: Anesthesia.
A few medications are administered in order to make you feel more comfortable during cosmetic nose surgery. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia or painkillers. Your
doctor will present the most appropriate option.
Second step: Cutting.
Cosmetic nose surgery may be performed using one of two different methods: open and closed. In closed nose surgery, the incisions are made from within the nose, while in open nose surgeries, the operation is performed through the nose flaps.
Third step: Reshaping the nose.
Fourth step: Fixing crookedness
If there is some crookedness in the nose cartilage or bone, this is fixed.
Fifth step: Closing the surgical operation area.
After shaping the nose bone to preferences, the skin is closed and the incisions are stitched. Incisions may also be made around nostrils to change the dimensions of the nose.
Sixth step: Conclusion
A plaster mask is placed on your nose for your one week period of healing. Swellings will fade in one month, while the shape of your nose will take one year to fully establish. You will also
note these changes on your nose.
What should I do on the day of my cosmetic nose surgery?
Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed in private clinics or hospitals. If you undergo surgery in a clinic or hospital, a one night stay will be enough. Medications will be administered in
order to make you feel more comfortable during cosmetic nose surgery. Cosmetic nose surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. General anesthesia is more commonly
How will I feel after my cosmetic nose surgery?
After the cosmetic nose surgery is complete, the patient will be taken to the resting room where he/she will spend the night. Any discomfort after the operation will be controlled with
medication recommended by your doctor. Although the healing process is different for everyone, it is generally as follows:
First day after cosmetic nose surgery:
The first day of healing, you should rest all day to minimize swelling. You must avoid excessive activity. There may be bleeding on the first day.
First ten days after cosmetic nose surgery:
The swelling reaches its peak, and starts to slowly fade.
Bruises fade.
You can apply makeup easily to cover the bruises on your face.
The stitches will be removed.
The plaster can be removed after one week.
You can go back to school or work after one week.
In  few weeks,
You will be able to go back to your daily life.
Most of the swelling on your face will be gone.
The consequences of cosmetic nose surgery are long-term.
The total disappearance of the swelling and the complete shaping of your nose will take a couple of months, or even a year. The results of cosmetic nose surgery are permanent,
however the cartilage may continue to change.
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