Who Can Have Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

Cosmetic surgical interventions are surgeries that people undergo "to feel better."
If there is an obvious deformation on your nose and having it corrected will make you feel more comfortable, conforming and secure, you may be a suitable candidate.
If your nose is too large or too small
If the tip of your nose is low or hanging,
If your nose is wide when viewed from the front,
If there are external or internal deviations,
If the two sides of the nose are asymmetrical,
If there are problems with your nostrils,
If the tip of your nose is very mobile when talking or laughing,
If you have breathing problems, you are a candidate for the surgery.
In the next step, you should visit your doctor for an examination, and see what can be done on your nose based on your complaints through a computer simulation.
While simulations don't reflect the exact results of the surgery, they are beneficial for you and your doctor because they provide a concrete basis to discuss.
In addition to cosmetic expectations, you may have functional problems. Problems such as deviations, asymmetry due to accidents, enlarged concha, etc. can be fixed with a nose surgery, moreover, this is recommended. The age limit for surgery may be considered 16-17 for women, and 17-18 for men. Your feelings before the surgery are also important because the results will actually lead to psychological healing. In this regard, you can complete the following test to assess yourself.
Factors affecting good results are the following:
- Nose skin thickness
- Presence of deviation
- Previous surgeries.


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