Why is face analysis important for cosmetic nose surgery?

People naturally have different face and nose shapes. Although nose structures look similar, they widely differ among individuals. Thus, nose restructuring will also be different for different people.
The most important consideration in cosmetic nose surgery is meticulously analyzing the face and the nose, which requires individual planning for every face.
The shape of the face is very important in determining the kind of cosmetic nose surgery. The nose for a small face will not be the same as the nose for a fuller face. While a short nose will
not be proper for a long face, a rough nose cannot be considered for a small face. For tall individuals, a curved nose ridge rather than a straight nose will impart character to the facial
The shape of the lips, the chin structure, the cheekbones, the width of forehead, the distance between the lips and the nose, the position of brows, the eyes, the angle between the forehead
and the nose, the skin and its thickness deeply affect cosmetic nose surgery planning, and must be very carefully analyzed before surgery.
One of the most important points for us is the fact that each nose has to be unique. Creating the same nose regardless of the nose and face shapes is similar to factory production, so to
speak, and we never want that.
The main goal should be to create a natural and beautiful nose that doesn't look operated, that is customized, and that is shaped based on meticulous study, analysis and planning according to each individual face.


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