Wide and Large Nose Tip

Wide nose tip is a common problem that adversely affects the look of the individual. The nose tip looks wide and disordered in such cases. Shadows are lost. We call these noses "clown nose." It is colloquially called "meaty nose." The cause of this meaty and wide look is the excessive nose tip cartilage.
• The tip of my nose is very wide. How do you narrow it?
There are many methods to narrow the nose tip. The first course of action is to remove the cartilaginous tissue. Then we shape the remaining cartilaginous tissue with stitches. We stitch cartilages that lead to narrowing. The technically important point here is to avoid excessive removal. The
amount of cartilage to be removed varies between individuals. Sometimes the cartilage removal and stitching methods are not enough to resolve the problem. Then we use different methods. If I am to use such different methods, I will explain these to you in detail during your examination.
• The tip of my nose is very large; how do you ensure symmetry when narrowing it down?
I always use open rhinoplasty on my patients with wide nose tips. This method allows me to precisely measure and directly remove the cartilage to be removed.
• What is type plastics, do you perform it?
Type plastics is simply the replacement of the nose tip. It can be performed if there are no problems with the nose ridge and the nose base. I perform this method in suitable cases.


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