Will cosmetic nose surgery resolve the nasal congestion problem?

You underwent cosmetic nose surgery, you are satisfied with the shape but you can't breathe easily, you can't sleep well at night, your nose is always congested. For us, however beautiful your nose, if you can't breathe easily, the beauty doesn't count.
The most important function of the nose is breathing. A beautiful nose that can't properly breathe won't provide anything to the individual. The important thing is to simultaneously provide a natural, beautiful, unique nose that suits the face, and that can breathe easily.
This begins with a detailed and meticulous pre-operative examination of the nose. Identifying the problems is the most important step in resolving them.
For patients who not only have shape issues but also congestion issues in their noses, if the nose flaps are weak, cartilages are vulnerable, nose cartilage or bone is deviated, if the conchae are enlarged, or sinusitis is present in the pre-operative evaluation, these have to be identified before the operation and resolved in the same surgical session.
The fundamental principle in surgery is to avoid excessive cartilage and bone removal from the nose, and to find the balance. Failure in this may cause nasal congestion complaints after surgery in patients who didn't have such problems before.
The main purpose of cosmetic nose surgery is to create a natural, beautiful, unique nose that suits the face, in addition to maintain the breathing functions, and to simultaneously carry out the maneuvers and procedures that will allow better breathing.


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