In addition to being an organ that is located in the middle of our faces and that shapes our facial expressions, it is also an organ that allows us to inhale high-oxygen air. It is a filter that takes liters of air into our body, warms, moistens and cleans it. We must not forget the sense of smell. Olfactory nerves in the nose recognize the scent molecules and transmit the sense of smell to our brain. The sense of taste also works on the same principle.

The variations in the quality of sound when speaking or singing also depend on the nose. Clogging and fluids in the nose affect the resonance of the sound and may cause the tone to change. Voice artists, theatre artists, speakers, teachers and many other professionals are affected by these effects.

Ease of breathing largely eliminates the snoring problem. Sleeping with an open mouth causes the jaw and the tongue to fall back, and narrows the respiratory tract. The air that is compressed between the velum and the eusophagus causes the snoring sound in combination with the base of the tongue.

In light of this information, nose surgery is very important. Nose surgery may not be an emergency in terms of survival. However, it increases the quality of life, and prevents future cardiovascular problems, lung disorders and sleep apnea issues.

After the nose's functions are properly restored, it is also important to provide an aesthetic exterior look. Function and aesthetic condition are inseparable, and cannot be separately addressed. This is why surgery has to be performed only by surgeons who are exceptionally trained in this matter. Cosmetic nose surgery in modern medicine is performed by otorhinolaryngology specialists and plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic nose surgery is the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the world. The fact that the nose is in the middle of the face and that it modifies the facial expression causes it to be frequently operated on. However, this shouldn't be interpreted as a sign that this surgery is easy. A type of surgery that creates so much change, also increases the number of add-ons.

The surgeon has to listen to the wishes and expectations of applicants very well, and talk openly about the possibility of achieving the desired results. Otherwise, disappointments will be unavoidable. The wishes of the applicants have to be evaluated, and advanced surgical techniques have to be used in order to ensure that experienced nose surgeons perform the cosmetic nose surgery in line with the applicant's desires.